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Posted: December 31, 2018 in Uncategorized
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So with the new year I feel like I should start writing about all the music and movies I have an interest in…. and also Mayhem… because it says mayhem up there… so I’ll put some mayhem somewhere in there at some point.

Moon Honey ~ White Satin: I’m not sure why I love this song so much, I guess it has a very unique sound to it, it feels very oriental for some reason despite the lead singer being as white as fresh snow.  Regardless I think it’s a great difference from the repetitive sameness(is sameness a word?) that seems to be mass churned out from music producers these days.

Tokyo Police Club ~ DLTFWYH: First off they’re Canadian, so right there that’s one point off the hop.  The band has been around since 2005 and I’ve never heard of them, though this is a common occurrence when you consider most Indy bands.  I mean they’re on their fourth album recording currently and have been on the Letterman show so one would think they’d be a bit more recognized.  That being said I still think it’s a great song with a ‘funky’ feel to the song that has a great rhythm and a nice rollercoaster portion near the end.

Clans ~ Ode to the King of Nothing: The Clans, certainly they have a ‘similar’ sound to a number of bands, but this song still stood out from the list of Indy bands that I sifted through this month.  And while they do have some similarities I like the pacing of the song and how it changes up so often within the song itself.  It’s a great song to write by, and it has a very upbeat tempo that has you bopping your head in time to the lyrics.

Purity Ring ~ Fineshrine: Purity Ring, what can I say.  There are two songs that I love from this band, and I’ve discovered both of them from watching TV shows where I heard the song and immediately had to seek it out(the other being Obedear from Search Party which is also super awesome).  And how can you /not/ love a song that has lyrics like “cut open my sternum, and pull my little ribs around you”.  I discovered this song on Letterkenny, which at first seemed weird to me as this didn’t seem like a ‘small town’ song, but it did work in my opinion.  I also REALLY want to see one of their live shows that use the light rig that they designed cause damn that looks like a cool show to see.  Regardless, check this song out.

It’s been a great month for some new music and I’ve managed to find a ton of songs that I have adored, so I’m glad I stumbled across these(as well as others) and was able to discover some new bands.  I just can’t stand listening to the radio, the SAME generic music over and over and over and over and over again has just gotten to be too much.  Looking at the ‘top charts’ seems to generate a myriad of rap(I think) stars sings songs ‘featuring’ each other, no offense to rap, I just wish there was some diversity… and skill. *GASP*




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